Fractal copyright

Perfect 10, the porn site that’s been waging a copyright-based war on Google’s ability to cache, excerpt and thumbnail Internet content, is taking a novel approach:

The copyright-infringement allegations are part of Perfect 10’s ongoing lawsuit against Google, a suit with a tortured procedural history. In 2007, a federal appeals court rendered a far-reaching decision, saying search engines like Google were not infringing copyrights by displaying thumbnails and hyperlinking to Perfect 10’s perfect babes.

Fast forward to today.

Part of the case, originally filed in 2005, is back before the San Francisco-based appeals court. Among other things, Perfect 10 alleges Google’s forwarding of Perfect 10’s takedown notices to the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse website constitutes copyright infringement.

Yes, Perfect 10 are claiming that the takedown notices they send out under the auspices of the DMCA can’t be published or redistributed because they’re copyrighted. Say what you will about the potential for overreach by IP owners, that’s kind of hilarious. Presumably if Wikileaks ever comes through with their rumored archive of Bank of America documents, BoA’s first move will be copyright-driven.

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