Survey of iPad owners

Business Insider conducted a survey of iPad owners with some interesting findings:

  • Nearly 50% use their iPad for two or more hours a day
  • About 29% use their iPad as their primary computer
  • About half of iPad usage is browsing the web and watching videos — i.e., consumption behaviors — but about a quarter is e-mail and social networking, which mix information consumption and expression (interestingly, when you reach the end of the survey results you’re pointed toward a piece called “10 Ways People Are Using The iPad To Create Content, Not Just Consume It”)
  • News content is accessed roughly equally via outlets’ web sites (37%) and their dedicated iPad apps (34.7%)
  • Users read books more with Kindle (50%) than with iBooks (42.4%)
  • About a fifth of iPad owners have a 3G model but don’t have a data subscription for it

No info seems to be available about how the survey was conducted, so take it with a grain of salt.

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