As I was finishing my PhD last year — with a dissertation and research history focused tightly on blogs and blogging — I decided that in my future as an academic I really should do some academic blogging. This is what media scholars do now, after all! And then the school year started, I got walloped by teaching and research and promptly set blogging aside. Luckily, one of my spring courses involved WordPress development, giving me an opportunity to get work going on this site as a tutorial I could use in class, and now it’s ready to go. Or at least passably ready, with a variety of design issues still to be worked out.

Meanwhile, my past as a music blogger is still out there, and will continue on and off when I have something to say about music or culture or politics that doesn’t fit here. And I suppose I’ll still be posting my usual complaints on Facebook and using Twitter for the stuff that’s too dumb for Facebook. What you’ll find here is primarily commentary about new media and political communication issues in the news, along with an open-ended, semi-monologue about my research. I’ll be using this site to discuss new articles that pique my interest, to sort through ideas relating to new research questions and think about politics and journalism in the new media environment. I expect this will occasionally be some quite witty stuff, but also of interest mostly to nerds. Welcome!

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